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The Woman In The Tunnel

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Air Date 2/1/06

In the bowels of Washington D.C., Booth, Brennan, and Zack rappel down a cavernous ventilation shaft. At the bottom, hidden beneath a frenzy of rats, they discover a pile of human remains. Brennan shoots off a few rounds from Booth's pistol to scatter the vermin. She orders Zack to take pictures of the bones within a five meter radius before determining "The velocity of the fall was enough to shatter (the victim's) body on impact. Tibias and fibulas are broken below the knees, vertebrae compressed and shattered..." The body is female, missing a jacket and shoes, evidence the woman's clothing had been stripped. A man appears at the far end of the tunnel. Brennan calls to the shadowy figure and chases after him. He disappears into the maze of tubes.

In the lab, Brennan identifies the name of the woman from the serial number on a pin in her knee, MARNI HUNTER. Hodgins sets the time of death at ten days, due to the "ratio of fly larvae to Silphidae beetles." The team kicks around various clues pointing to her demise: crushed tibias from a feet-first fall and traumatic injuries on the skull from hitting pipes and rebar in the ventilation shaft as she descended. The absence of dirt underneath her fingernails stops Brennan in her tracks. If the victim was conscious, she'd claw the walls to stop her plunge. Perhaps she was already dead?

Marni's fiance, PHIL GARFIELD, sits with Booth and Brennan in Booth's office. Booth questions why it took so long for Phil to report Marni's death. As a documentary filmmaker, it wasn't unusual for her to be out of touch for days at a time, Phil explains. Her latest project took her to the network of tunnels beneath the city to study the homeless culture. Phil was worried for her safety because she always worked alone. Concern registers on his face at the thought of her skull shattering from the hand of one of her subjects. They pop in a tape and see social worker HELEN BRONSON talking to a worn man. Brennan immediately recognizes the man as the person she chased down.

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