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The Man On The Fairway

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Air Date 3/8/06

On a golf course near Virginia Beach, Brennan and Zack pull up to the scene of a small plane crash. As members of the local fire department and F.A.A. investigate the wreckage, IAN DYSON of the NTSB informs Brennan and Zack that the private plane was a State Department flight, "with a bunch of V.I.P.'s on board." Due to the absence of Booth as their F.B.I. intermediary, Zack assumes an elitist role, condescending to the investigators at the scene. They discover "two skulls" from various fragments, bringing the death count to six, including the pilot and co-pilot. The bodies appear consistent with the composition of standard plane crash victims, "burned to a crisp" while "burst fractures of lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae" appear "consistent with injuries caused by the vertical impact of the falling aircraft" That is, until Brennan unearths a "femur fragment" with "no charring remains." One of the victims was not aboard the doomed flight.

Brennan, Zack, Hodgins, and Angela sit on the receiving end of Goodman's top secret update. He informs the team that two "high-ranking" Communist Chinese trade attaches were on the plane when it crashed. It can be proved the plane was not shot down; rather, an accident, however, Zack and Brennan questions the six sets of human remains when the manifest listed only five people, one of whom was an American Businessman. The story begins to fall apart further when Zack reveals unusual cut marks on the bones "congruent with dismemberment." The State Department orders the Bones Team to identify the sixth body.

In the lab, Brennan brings Booth up to speed with the evidence: "piece of skull, chunk of a vertebrae, part of a femur." Booth questions why he should be involved in a case that isn't murder, insinuating Brennan simply missed him. Brennan disagrees on both claims, offering on the former that the body was "hacked." JESSE KANE, an expert in missing persons cases, enters the picture with knowledge that his father might be the extra pieces of bone found on the golf course.

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