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The Woman In The Garden

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Air Date 2/15/06

Brennan and Booth are called to an El Salvadaoran neighborhood on the outskirts of Washington D.C., after police apprehended JOSE VARGAS, a Latino Mara Muerte gang member. Upon routine inspection of Jose's trunk, they discover the unearthed remains of a female body. Numerous attempts by Brennan to communicate with Jose and the crowd about the location of the burial site prove futile. A black sedan speeds down the street with gang members opening fire on local law enforcement, as well as Booth, Brennan and Jose. Jose takes the opportunity to flee. A foot chase ensues, and Booth comes up empty as the suspect escapes over a chain link fence.

Back at the lab, Zack, Hodgins, Angela, and Brennan examine the bones and deduce the body was buried for roughly six months. Dental exam shows the victim was malnourished and is likely from a Central American country. A nerve is struck with Brennan over this unidentifiable female. She offers the woman's rosary to Goodman to be examined for religious iconography. The impact of the woman's demise resonates even stronger with Brennan as Zack shows a depression in the skull that indicates a baseball bat may have been the weapon of choice.

Booth interviews MIGUEL VALLEDA, "warlord of the Venganza Roja street gang," hoping to find a connection to the drive-by shooting. He threatens to hold the gang-banger on trumped up charges. Miguel mentions the irony in a drive-by where nobody is injured; but, the gang member escapes, implying Jose's own Mara Muerte gang committed the crime.

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