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The Superhero In The Alley

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Air Date 2/8/06

We open up with NEWS ANCHORS reporting on a horrific skeleton found dressed in a superhero costume. Cullen explains to Booth that media attention made government officials nervous so FBI is to take care of it before Halloween hits. It's now Booth's responsibility and he calls Bones in. Brennan arrives on the scene, investigates the victim's skeleton but unable to determine just yet whether it was suicide or murder.

Back in the lab, Zack determines the skeleton to be a boy in his teens. The cellulose they found on the body was the remains of a comic book. Cranial fractures suggest the boy was assaulted viciously before being dropped in an attempt to make it look like suicide.

Booth identifies the boy to be WARREN GRANGER - an underdeveloped kid who was reported missing two months before. They go to his apartment where they find the his mother and step-father - HELEN GRANGER and JOHN KELTNER. They find out that Warren was a lonely kid, a recluse "who died before he even had a life." He spent most of his time with his comic books, isolated within an inner secret life. Brennan gets a call from Zack and is informed that Warren has fractures which prove he fought his attacker. Brennan sits at Warren's desk, simulating what Warren might have done there and discovers after applying pencil to paper that Warren wrote long-hand with a pen. Booth finds a comic book with the superhero "Citizen 14" on the cover - he's wearing the same costume Warren had on at time of death.

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