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The Woman In The Car

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Air Date 2/1/06

An urgent Booth shows up on the set of the morning TV show, "Wake Up, DC!" to find Brennan , awkwardly navigating through a promo of her upcoming book, "Bred in the Bone." He whisks her off to the crime scene where a body was found in a burning car. A child was kidnapped and may still be alive.
They bring the body back to the lab where they analyze the remains: female, pelvic bone indicating giving birth 5 to 8 years ago, molars pulled and replaced with gold dentures --They should be looking at Eastern European immigrants going back 10 years. Suddenly, Zack recovers something lodged in the victim's larynx.

They are interrupted by an agent - Samantha Pickering,- who has been assigned to do a security review on the squints team for the State Department, making sure none of them are a security risk.

Angela reconstructs the victim's face and compares it to those in the immigration database. They find a match to - Polina Rozalina Semov, who immigrated to the U.S. in '94 with her sister Maria. She married Carl Decker, had one 8 year old boy, Donovan, and separated from Carl 3 months ago. Booth says that chances are, Carl is the kidnapper.

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