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The Woman At The Airport

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Air Date 1/26/06

We open up with Brennan and the squints examining the remains of what could possibly be the finest specimen ever discovered from the Iron Age Booth, in his usual style, shows up with a "sexy" Hollywood case: remains of a female were found scattered at Los Angeles International Airport. Brennan is less than eager to part with her Iron Age Warrior but Booth convinces Goodman that a high profile case would be good PR for the Institute. Once again, Booth prevails and Brennan is made to take the case.

In L.A., Booth and Brennan investigate the site where the body was found scattered by scavenging coyotes. They are briefed by Special Agent Tricia Finn who escorts them to the L.A. Morgue. There, Brennan examines the victim's bones while Agent Finn (to Booth's annoyance) solicits her interest in acting as a consultant to Brennan's newly optioned book. Brennan wasn't even aware that her book was being made into a movie. Disturbed by what she sees, Brennan points out that the victim's skull has been radically altered by surgery-- to the point where she might not be able to ID the person.

In a video feed back to the Lab, Zack reports to Brennan his findings: this young woman in her early 20's, wears evidence of stabbing -- one hit to the sternum, two to the costal cartilages. Degradation in her bones suggests she was left out in the open between a week to ten days, while other markings suggest coyote feeding. The jaw and right leg were broken and reset. Upon further examination, Brennan finds a breast implant with serial numbers that could be traced to an ID.

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