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The Man In The Fallout Shelter

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Air Date 12/13/05

It's Christmas party time at the Jeffersonian and Angela is trying to get a very reluctant Brennan to go. Just in time to save her from going, Booth shows up with a skeleton found in a 1950s fallout shelter. The skeleton has a gun in his hand and a hole in his head. Brennan takes the case while Angela drags Booth to the party with the other squints. Left alone, Brennan finds 2 tickets to Paris on the skeleton.

Over eggnog and company Christmas banter, Hodgins accidentally drops his mask as Zack cuts into the skeleton for a core sample. An ALARM sounds. Hodgins and Zack race to the decontamination shower; they may have released a biological decontaminant. The doors to the lab seal automatically; they are all locked in.

The lab's security officer, HAL, tells them via video monitor that the pathogen is coccidioidomycosis - Valley Fever -- a dangerous fungus that can at worst, lead to death. Hal and a doctor prepare a cocktail of 4 anti-fungal drugs to administer to the team - its side effects similar to that of Valley Fever. Not only will they miss Christmas with their families but they'll all have to suffer flu-like symptoms while quarantined in the Med-Lab.

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