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The Girl In The Fridge

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Air Date 11/29/05

While Brennan and Angela examine skeletal remains, a gift arrives for Brennan from former professor and beau, Michael Stires. He's newly arrived in town with an offer to head up a university's anthropology department. The squints observe Brennan flirt awkwardly through a conversation when Booth arrives, interrupting the sexual tension with a gift of his own -- a refrigerator containing the partially liquefied remains of a decomposed skeleton.
Brennan determines the victim is female, (19) identified as Maggie Schilling, was a dancer due to the bone markers in her metatarsals. Booth says Maggie went missing eleven months ago. There was a ransom and the negotiations went on for a couple of weeks until all contact stopped. Brennan notes that there is no confirmed cause of death yet, but there are stress fractures on both wrists. They will run chemical and toxicity analysis on the effluent in the refrigerator.

Angela returns to the subject of Brennan's hot ex, Michael Stires. Brennan denies that their relationship is anything but platonic even though they're having dinner that night. She asserts that neither of them has the time or inclination for emotional complications. Later that night however, Brennan and Michael skip dinner and head straight to the bedroom. They discuss the case and rekindle old feelings. Brennan confides in Stires, revealing a rare emotional connection to the victim. Stires recognizes her vulnerability beneath the scientist -- in silence, he holds her.

Hodgins and Zack examine Maggie's skeleton on the forensic platform. Brennan arrives with Stires. Zack indicates that thee X-rays reveal low bone density and low parathyroid hormone levels, which suggests a condition called hyperparathyroidism.

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