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A Man On Death Row

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Air Date 10/22/05

When condemned man Howard Epps is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection (in thirty-two hours) for the murder of seventeen-year-old April Wright, Epps' attorney, Amy Morton, makes a last minute appeal to Booth (the man who arrested Epps) to re-examine the case. Booth believes Epps is guilty, but asks Brennan and her team of squints to do him a favor and give up their weekend plans to review the evidence in order to confirm Epps' guilt.

Brennan and her team consider the evidence in the case which include compound fractures of the trapezium, scaphoid and the base of the radius consistent with defensive wounds and that April's skull was smashed six to eight times with a narrow cylindrical object that matches a tire iron missing from her car. They also consider a pubic hair which was never accounted for at trial, a scrap of paper with a telephone number written in April's handwriting, evidence that April had consensual sex shortly before her death and particles lodged between April's right triquetral and the capitate that Brennan believes (through texture analysis) are not bone fragments at all.

Just as Zack discovers that the telephone number found in April's car is not a phone number but a numerical code for the location they believe April met her killer, Brennan finds a small shard of bone among April's clothing. Hodgins magnifies it and reveals it is not bone, but aggregate gravel. This discovery is odd because there was no gravel where April Wright's body was found, only grass leading to the conclusion that April must have been killed somewhere else before her body was dumped.

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