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The Man In The Wall

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Air Date 11/15/05

Brennan and Angela party at a dance club called "The Bassment." When Brennan comments about the music being "tribal," comparing it to Indonesian Gamelan Music and Tibetan Throat Singers, a club patron starts an argument with her. Brennan and Angela get caught up in the melee and Brennan kicks someone into the wall, causing it to break open to reveal a mummified corpse and a stash of methamphetamine.
Special Agent Patrick Furst is investigating, when Booth shows up with Tessa - they had been on a date when Booth got the call. Booth notices Brennan is acting strangely. Agent Furst informs him that Brennan and Angela are "stoned" - when the wall split a cloud of methamphetamine dust covered the dance floor. Brennan, high as a kite, announces that she is thrilled to be working on her "first modern mummy."

Back at the lab, Brennan has determined that the victim OD'd. He died of asphyxiation from inhaling meth powder. It appears the victim was trying to squeeze through the narrow space inside the wall when a bag of meth burst open, coating the alveoli in his lungs making breathing impossible. Hodgins indicates that judging from the acrid mites in the victim's ears, it appears the body has been inside the wall six weeks.

Brennan re-hydrates the mummy's hands to get fingerprints. Brennan apologizes for ruining Booth's date. Booth divulges that he and Tessa were planning their first vacation together. Booth matches the victim's prints to Roy Taylor (a.k.a DJ Mount). Angela tells Brennan that Roy Taylor was one of the best DJ's in DC and that when he disappeared he was just starting to break.

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