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A Boy In A Bush

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Air Date 11/8/05

Dr. Temperance Brennan is giving a lecture to a group of anthropology students when Special Agent Seeley Booth shows up -- a six-year-old boy named Charlie Sanders has gone missing near a local mall and now someone has reported seeing human remains in an adjacent field. Booth needs Brennan's help to locate the remains and then determine if they are in fact those of their missing six-year-old.

Brennan, Booth, Zack and an army of searchers descend on this field. Using a thermal imager, Zack combs the landscape until he comes across a small, decomposed rib-cage teeming with bugs. It looks like they've found Charlie.

Back in the lab, Brennan places the age of the victim between six and ten years old based on epiphyseal fusion. Zack indicates the victim died as a result of blunt force trauma and Hodgins determines he's only been dead between thirty-six and forty-eight hours. Brennan also points out the victim's clothes were found intact away from the body indicating he was likely sexually assaulted before he was killed. Angela struggles emotionally to complete a sketch of the victim that bears a striking resemblance to Charlie's "Missing Child" poster. "He's so small. That's all," she tells Brennan. Based on all this information, Brennan informs Booth this is Charlie Sanders and they are probably looking for a pedophile.

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