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The Man In The Bear

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Air Date 11/1/05

When a routine necropsy of a black bear in rural Washington State turns up a human arm, FBI sends the case to Special Agent Seeley Booth in hopes of getting forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan, to ID the victim. Uncomfortable with being at anyone's beck and call, Brennan is at first reluctant to go until she is ordered to do so by her boss, Dr. Goodman who feels, if for nothing else, it will get her out of the lab and into the world to "connect with other people." Brennan concedes. She examines the arm bones and is shocked to find kerf marks and residual cross-section striae - cut marks made by a saw on the bones. A person cut off this arm before the bear ate it.

Brennan and Booth make the trip to small town "Aurora" Washington (pop. 3826) to investigate, engaging the help of locals in a place where everyone knows everything about everybody. While Booth meets with the Sheriff Scutter, Brennan examines the bone fragments with local doctors and determines the arm belonged to a young male who was well muscled but the only person reported missing thus far is a woman - Ann Noyes. Sheriff Scutter, unimpressed by the FBI, immediately takes to Brennan, much to Booth's annoyance. Brennan, however, is entirely unaware of the attention she is drawing as she engages the help of a flirty UPS guy, Charlie, to ship bone fragments back to her lab. Zack debrides them and finds unusual indentations. He satellites these images to Brennan and she ascertains that these are bite marks -- not from a bear, but from a human. Brennan realizes, to the horror of the local residents, they don't just have a killer in their town. they have a cannibal.

Brennan realizes a cannibal would get sick with prion disease, and goes to confer with local doctor/coroner Dr. Andrew Rigby - a man who is also smitten with Brennan and eager to help. Unfortunately, he has not come across patients with such symptoms. Back at the lab, Hodgins examines the bear scat that Brennan shipped to him and finds in it a metacarpal, a sporocarp, and a layer of dermis with pigmentation marks in the microphage - a flap of skin with a tattoo. Angela artistically recreates the tattoo and realizes it's a Haida Sun motif. With that piece of evidence, the Sheriff runs a new missing persons check and finds a match: Adam Langer, 22, missing 10 days from a nearby college. The Sheriff realizes he knows Adam - he used to come up to Aurora to visit Sherman Rivers, the town's Native American Park Ranger. When Booth and Brennan pay a visit to Ranger Rivers, he runs, escaping into the woods. Booth gives chase, but loses him when his flashlight dies leaving him in the dark.

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