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Aired May 14 2015Episode 19

A powerful member of the Iranian parliament kidnaps Arastoo to help solve a murder case.

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Aired May 7 2015Episode 18

With only 48 hours before the execution of serial killer Alex Rockwell, whom Brennan and Booth helped convict, the Jeffersonian team must race against the clock to confirm Brennan's new suspicion that Rockwell may not have been responsible for those crimes.

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Aired May 7 2015Episode 17

When the remains of a private high school student are discovered in a ditch, Brennan and Booth surmise that bullying was a factor.

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Aired Apr 30 2015Episode 16

The remains of a popular TV celebrity chef are discovered at a local park, and the Jeffersonian team must search for clues in local restaurants that he had been reviewing.

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Aired Apr 23 2015Episode 15

When the remains of a high-stakes gambler are found in an individual shredder, Booth risks relapsing into his gambling addiction as he and Brennan delve into the world of underground poker.

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Season 10

Aired May 14 2015
Episode 19
Aired May 7 2015
Episode 18
Aired May 7 2015
Episode 17
Aired Apr 30 2015
Episode 16
Aired Apr 23 2015
Episode 15