The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a psychic in "The Psychic In The Soup."

The team returns to the Jeffersonian TONIGHT at 8/7c! Follow us on Twitter @BONESonFOX and use #BonesIsBack to tweet along with us while you watch. #bones


#IHaveAConfession I was so excited to meet #EmilyDeschanel yesterday I'm #Obsessed w/ #Bones. When the show first aired my friends started calling me Bones because I was blissfully unaware of how offensive my honesty/bluntness was to people at times! #oops However I'm so much better than I used to be!


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Season 10

Aired Mar 26 2015
Episode 11
Aired Dec 11 2014
Episode 10
Aired Dec 4 2014
Episode 9
Aired Nov 20 2014
Episode 8
Aired Nov 13 2014
Episode 7