Tina is the Belcher family's "first pancake," in that the 13-year-old high schooler is a bundle of nerves and neuroses and not nearly as self-confident as her more freewheeling siblings. She's clumsy, gets rashes, has stage fright, wears chafe-y bras, has night terrors, and is obsessed with getting to first base. A hopeless romantic, she loves horses and thinks that they're better than cows (or steers), and is pretty sure that bovines can send texts via their excretions. She's suffering through an awkward adolescence, is constantly battling her single mustache hair, and cannot stop thinking about how dreamy it would be to make out with Jimmy Pesto, Jr. She's not great with customers, so she sticks to working as a fry cook, even though she suffers from itchy rashes sometimes.

Originally from Anchorage, AK, Mintz started his stand-up career in Boston and went on to appear on shows such as "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "Comedy Central Presents: Dan Mintz." He also writes for comedy shows from time to time.

Mintz lives in Los Angeles.