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  • What is the OFFICIAL MID-SEASON/SPRING FOX 2013 Network Primetime Schedule?






    8:00-9:00PM             ALMOST HUMAN

    9:00-10:00PM           THE FOLLOWING (2nd Seas - 2-Night premiere-Sun 1/19/14 & Mon 1/20/14 )



    8:00-8:30PM             DADS

    8:30-9:00PM             BROOKLYN 9-9

                8:00-9:00PM             GLEE (Spring Premiere on 2/25/14)

    9:00-9:30PM             NEW GIRL

    9:30-10:00PM           THE MINDY PROJECT

                9:30-10:00PM           BROOKLYN 9-9 (Timeperiod Premiere on 2/4/14)

                9:30-10:00PM           THE MINDY PROJECT (Spring Premiere on 4/1/14)



    8:00-10:00PM           AMERICAN IDOL-WED



    8:00-9:00PM             AMERICAN IDOL-THU

    9:00-10:00PM           RAKE (new) (Premieres Thu 1/23/14)



    8:00-9:00PM             BONES

    9:00-9:30PM             RAISING HOPE

    9:30-10:00PM           ENLISTED (new) (Premieres Fri 1/10/14)



    8:00-10:00PM           VARIOUS / FOX SPORTS SATURDAY




    7:00-7:30PM             NFL SPILLOVER / ANIMATION DOMINATION (encores)

    7:30-8:00PM             NFL THE O.T. / ANIMATION DOMINATION (encores)

    8:00-8:30PM             THE SIMPSONS

    8:30-9:00PM             BOB’S BURGERS

    9:00-9:30PM             FAMILY GUY

    9:30-10:00PM           AMERICAN DAD



    Other series to air later in the year:


    HOTEL HELL (2nd Season)

    COSMOS (new reality)

    GANG RELATED (new drama)

    US & THEM (new comedy)

    SURVIVING JACK (new comedy)

    SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (11th Season - Summer 2014)

    MASTERCHEF (5th Season - Summer 2014)

    HELL'S KITCHEN (12th Season - Summer 2014)




    SLEEPY HOLLOW (2nd Seas - Fall 2014)


    o          What is FOX NOW and how is it different from

    Answer: FOX NOW is our suite of apps for watching FOX content across a wide range of mobile and other connected devices, such as game consoles and smart TVs. is the home for watching all of our shows on the web. 


    o          What devices is FOX NOW available on?

    Answer: Supported devices are listed at


    o          I notice some episodes in FOX NOW have a lock symbol on them. What does this mean?

    Answer: A lock on the episode thumbnail (or other similar messaging depending on your device) means you have to login with your TV provider to view this content.


    o          How do I figure out if my TV provider is supported on a specific device?

    Answer: Go to and select your provider. From here, you’ll see a list of platforms and devices where you can watch FOX full episodes.


    o          Why do you make me login with my TV provider credentials? On, I can watch any episode without a TV provider login 8 days after it airs. Why can’t I do this on FOX NOW?

    Answer: We’ve partnered with leading TV providers to enable us to offer all of our shows on so many devices. 


    o          My TV provider isn’t available on a specific device. Are there any FOX shows that I can watch without logging in?

    Answer: Episodes from our new series are typically available for viewing without logging into your TV provider account. In addition, from time-to-time, we unlock other episodes so viewers can catch up on returning shows. Sign up for our newsletter here to stay up-to-date.


    o          What episodes are available for streaming on FOX NOW?

    Answer: This varies by show, device and based on your TV provider. For most shows and TV providers, the latest 5-8 aired episodes are available for viewing for 35 days from airing. 


    o          On my iPhone, iPad or Android, I see a “Sync” button in FOX NOW. What is this for?

    Answer: Sync is a new feature that gives you bonus content tied to scenes in the show. We program Sync content for a select set of shows – currently Family Guy, Bones, New Girl and Glee. This functionality is only available on iOS and Android devices today, but we're considering rolling it out to other devices in the future.


    o          How do I find full episodes on FOX NOW for iPhone, iPad or Android?

    Answer: Tap on the “hamburger” icon in the upper-left hand of any page in the app.

    Pick the show you want to watch.

    Tap on the drop-down on the upper right side of the show page you’re on and select Episodes.

    Tap on the episode you want to watch. If the episode you want to watch has a lock symbol on it, you’ll have to login with your participating TV provider credentials in order to stream it.


    o          How can I get support or provide feedback on the app?

    Answer: Email us with questions or suggestions anytime – we love hearing from you. We can be reached at

    If you are experiencing technical issues with a FOX NOW app, please answer the below questions, when you submit your email, to help us get to the bottom of the issue;

    Provide details on the error that has occurred for you

    Provide details on when or at what point of usage does the error occur for you (for instance, if there is an error message that is showing up or if the app simply crashed)?  

    Let us know what device and version of the device / OS you are using (for example, I'm using FOX NOW on my iPad 2 running iOS 7)? 

    Let us know what build/version of the App are you using? (when available, this can be found in your app settings)


    o          What if I do not know my TV provider sign-in information?

    Answer: Please contact your TV provider on how to get your sign-in information. In addition, you can try the Self Pass option presented while selecting your TV provider for temporary access to locked episodes.


    o          What is Self Pass?

    Answer: The Self Pass option is presented while selecting your TV provider. It allows temporary access to locked episodes in the event you need to contact your TV provider on how to get your sign-in information.
  • What happens to SPEED programming when FOX Sports 1 launches?


    FOX Sports continues its major commitment to motorsports programming with top-level NASCAR events, including NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races; popular programs like NASCAR RaceDay, NASCAR Victory Lane and NASCAR RaceHub; events from around the world, including Monster Energy Supercross; MotoGP World Championship; the ARCA Racing Series; the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans; and the popular Barrett-Jackson Collector Car auctions on a FOX channel.

    Find FOX Sports 1 on your TV:

  • I hear this new "narration" on some shows - what is it / how does it go away?


    We have added AUDIO DESCRIPTION FOR THE BLIND to many of our shows on the SAP Audio Channel - this code is listed in all show listings with the "AD" code




    If you are hearing this but don't want to, you have your TV Audio set incorrectly.


    Your audio channel is set on SAP instead of STEREO or MAIN.


    We provide a service for select shows to the entire country with a Second Audio Program (SAP) which offers shows in SPANISH as well as (sometimes) AUDIO DESCRIPTIONS FOR THE BLIND.  Your TV has probably been on the wrong audio channel all along.  Most shows and ads have not yet provided this service yet so you haven't noticed the problem before.


    Go to your TV remote and push the AUDIO INPUT button or the MENU button and then the AUDIO INPUT button.  Change your Audio Channel to STEREO or MAIN.  You will then hear English again and/or you won't hear those narrations again!!!


  • The scores on FOX Sporting Events are getting chopped off on my TV? What can I do about it?


    Thank you very much for bringing this problem to our attention.  First of all, let us apologize for any difficulty you may have had.  The signal leaving the FOX Network Center has not exhibited the problem you describe.  

    If you're watching Fox in HD, you should see the entire widescreen picture, where scoring information would be in the upper left of the frame, out of the way of the action on the screen. If you're watching on an older TV (in standard-definition), you should still see the entire picture, score and all, in a widescreen 'letterbox' format (where there are black bands at the top and bottom of the screen, just like a widescreen movie).

    If you're not seeing it this way, there may be an issue with the way your CABLE or SATELLITE provider is converting our high-definition signal.  We have sent them instructions on how to present the standard-definition picture to you, but they may not be doing so.  We need to ask them to implement the AFD setting in their system.

    In order for us to see where there might be a technical problem, would you be so kind as to email us via the ASKFOX button on this page with the following additional details:

    Your City:
    Your Fox Station:
    Your Zip Code:
    Actual Channel Tuned to:
    Cable or Satellite or Antenna?:
    --If cable or satellite, your provider?
    Type of Set Top Box Used (Name and Model if available):
    Are there other times when the problem happens (like during another show or during local news)?:

    We truly appreciate you bringing this  issue to our attention.

  • What if I miss a show? Can I watch on-line or can I get VHS tapes, DVDs or electronic copies (via streaming or download) of FOX Network Primetime Shows sent to me?


    FOX does indeed have an on-line place to go to see some free streaming episodes of some of your favorite FOX shows (go to and click on WATCH FULL EPISODES). You can access free streaming of previously-aired episodes from FOX's returning hits and new primetime series including BONES, FRINGE and HOUSE, as well as others, for a limited time.

    Most FOX Network shows are posted online within 24 hours (with Authentication - see FAQ #1) and 8 days after (for everyone else) after airing on the FOX Network. Exceptions: AMERICAN IDOL is never posted - due to music rights issues.

    Note that episodes remain posted for free streaming at for a VERY limited time - due to the latest contracts with the various guilds. So don't wait too long to watch it online if you missed it on your TV.

    You can also PAY for downloads at many various sites, including i-tunes,, AOL, CinemaNow, Direct2Drive and WalMart.

    The FOX Network does not directly send out VHS tapes, DVDs or electronic copies of any of shows, specials or movies that currently air on the Network to individuals, but you may be able to catch a re-run or buy an earlier season of your favorite show on VHS or DVD from an online store or at your local retailer.

    You could find a co-worker, friend, family or neighbor who may have made an analog tape or a digital copy (on a DVD or DVR) of the show off-the-air so they could watch it later. You could watch it with them (go on, invite yourself over!) or maybe they will let you borrow their tape or DVD if you promise to return it! Programs that have been recorded off the air cannot be sold or rented or forwarded to you via the internet without authorization from their copyright owner, so don't be fooled if someone offers to sell or rent you a copy they've made - it's an illegal transaction.

  • How do I audition for AMERICAN IDOL, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, THE X-FACTOR, HELL'S KITCHEN other reality shows?


    The AMERICAN IDOL 2012 Season #11 Auditions will begin again in the summer of 2011. That Season will premiere in JANUARY 2012. Check back (at as Summer 2011 approaches (Auditions usually take place in July and/or August) for the next audition information. ALL information will be updated at - in the Summer each year (not before).

    Auditions for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE are currently ongoing and THE X-FACTOR auditions will be starting soon - check the show's sites at for further information.

    As for all other REALITY Casting and Auditions:
    When a reality show is ready to accept applications and auditions, the information will be posted on (scroll down to the bottom of the main page and click on CASTING). Or go to that specific show's webpage (if there is one) through (click on SHOWS, then click on the show you are looking for) and casting/audition information may be available on that show's main webpage.

    If a show is NOT ready to cast, information will not be posted - until they ARE ready to cast

  • I have written a script for my favorite FOX show. Where can I send it?


    (this answer is the same for scripted (aka Comedy or Drama) AS WELL AS reality shows AS WELL AS ideas) - Keep on writing.....the more you write the better you will get !!


    Do not send in scripts or ideas to FOX or to the show unless it is through an ACCREDITED AGENT. ALL unsolicited ideas and scripts are left unopened and are THROWN AWAY. This is for YOUR protection.

    You can get a list of agents who are willing to look at new writers from the Writers Guild of America West (located in LA - do a websearch).

  • How can I get tickets to a taping of my favorite FOX Network Primetime Show?


    Just an FYI: Dramas are closed sets and do not allow audiences to view while filming.

    SITCOMS have and want audiences. When you have locked down your plans to visit the Los Angeles area, call some of the numbers below for tickets of your favorite sitcoms that are taping at that particular time.

    Audiences Unlimited at 1-818-753-3470 / website at: On Camera Audiences at 1-818-295-2700 / website at:
    Hollywood Tickets website at:
    1iota Tickets at 1-866-546-6984 / website at:

  • What is FOX Network Primetime's mailing address?


    Write to:
    FOX Broadcasting Co.
    P.O. Box 900
    Beverly Hills, CA 90213

    For questions on full-time jobs or internship positions available at the FOX Network:
    Write to:
    FOX Broadcasting Co.
    Personnel Dept.
    P.O. Box 900
    Beverly Hills, CA 90213
    Job Hotline: 1-310-369-5755
    Or go to - scroll down to the bottom of the page and and click on JOBS.

  • How do I call/write/E-mail my local FOX Network Affiliate?


    For your LOCAL FOX Affiliate info, go to the FOX Website main webpage at Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the LOCAL STATIONS for your LOCAL STATION's Paper Mail address, Phone Number and/or E-Mail address (if applicable). I cannot guarantee they have an E-mail address, but it is a good place to start with your comment/question.

  • Can I buy merchandise from my favorite FOX Network Primetime Show?


    Go to the FOX Website main webpage at Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on STORE to find what they have to offer.

  • What can I do to fix my "sound" problem on certain FOX shows? I'm only hearing background music... / or / I'm only hearing the show in Spanish... / or / I'm hearing a narration description over my show...


    The audio input on your TV is probably not set correctly. Your audio channel is probably set on SAP instead of STEREO or MAIN. We provide a service to the entire country with a Second Audio Program (SAP) which offers shows in SPANISH as well as VIDEO DESCRIPTIONS FOR THE BLIND. Soon all shows will have this service (like Closed Captioning).

    Your TV has probably been on the wrong audio channel all along. Most shows and ads have not yet provided this service yet so you haven't noticed the problem before.

    Go to your TV remote and push the AUDIO INPUT button -or- to the MENU button and then the AUDIO INPUT button. Change your Audio Channel to STEREO or MAIN. You should now hear English again and/or you won't hear those narrations again!!!

    This will also likely resolve the problem of hearing background sounds & music louder than dialog.

  • Why do there seem to be so many more repeats these days during the "Regular" Season?


    There aren't really more repeats/preempts than any other show from any network. It just seems that way.

    Let's do the math together: The TV Season lasts from mid September through mid May. This is approx. 36 37 weeks long. Most hit shows make about 22 new episodes each year.

    22 episodes in a 36 week "Season" means that we MUST AIR approx. 14 repeats/preempts WITHIN THE SEASON. This has always been the case and will continue to be so. We always try to find well rested repeats to run, if at all possible. We have also recently experimented with taking a show off the schedule for a month or two, so we can run a long string of originals upon its return.

    Also keep in mind that most dramas take 8 10 working days to shoot ONE episode plus approx. 30 days for effects & post production PER EPISODE. So we need to give most shows a breather now & then - its takes about 44-45 weeks just to shoot 22 episodes + holidays off - and there is little to no additional time to make more episodes.

  • Why can't I watch new episodes of FOX shows online the next day anymore?


    Next-day access to new full episodes on is only available through participating TV providers. Users must sign-in with a participating TV provider in order to watch new episodes the day after they air. MOST new episodes will become available to those not signing into their TV provider 8 days after the original airdate (exceptions: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE-30 days after air, AMERICAN IDOL-never posted online). If you don't see your TV provider please check back soon. We are working hard to add more TV providers and hope to announce additional partners soon.

  • Do I have to register with Fox to watch full episodes?


    No. You can connect to your TV provider without having a Fox account. However, we do recommend creating a Fox account to receive the full benefits of what has to offer.

  • Why isn't my cable or satellite TV provider listed?


    We will continue to add providers. In the meantime, see which providers offer new FOX full episodes.

  • I have a TV provider but they aren't listed. Now what?


    Participating cable and satellite providers offer next day availability of new FOX episodes On Demand. Look for the TV On Demand menu on your television.

  • What is a "TV provider"?


    "TV provider" refers to a cable, satellite or telco (telephone company) that provides TV programming to your home as a paid service.

  • How often do I need to log in?


    Once activated, your session is valid for 30 days. This is determined by each individual TV provider, so the term may vary.

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Your City:
Your Fox Station:
Your Zip Code:
Actual Channel Tuned to:
Cable or Satellite or Antenna?:
-- If cable or satellite, your provider?
Type of Set Top Box Used (Name and Model if available):
Are there other times when the problem happens (like during another show or during local news)?:

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MAILING ADDRESSES to your favorite shows: (Sorry, but at this time we have NO Direct E-mail or Paper Mail addresses for ANY of our shows).