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Aired Apr 24 2017Episode 12

Gideon and Captain Conrad work against the clock to clear Gideon from being blamed for a rash of terrorist attacks.

Aired Apr 17 2017Episode 11

Conrad sends Gideon back home in order to protect his life, but when the men that threatened Gideon find him, he and Murphy must hide in his secret lab.

Aired Apr 10 2017Episode 10

In order to prevent a serial rapist from claiming another victim, Conrad enlists Gideon and Murphy to locate the perpetrator

Aired Apr 3 2017Episode 9

An FBI agent discovers information that an informant's life is in potential danger and asks Murphy for assistance.

Aired Mar 27 2017Episode 8

After another fire strikes a gang-run building, Murphy and Gideon discover that it may be much worse than an act of a rival's revenge

Aired Mar 20 2017Episode 7

Murphy and Ada join forces to get to the bottom of a murder and discover that the killer's next victim would be Gideon

Aired Mar 13 2017Episode 6

After Gideon's father finds himself in trouble, he turns to Gideon for assistance.

Aired Mar 6 2017Episode 5

After a man goes to extremes to get justice for his daughter, Gideon and Martinez use new technology to investigate the case.

Aired Feb 27 2017Episode 4

After armor-piercing bullets are found on the black market, the team sends Officer Brandt on an undercover mission to catch the criminals selling them.

Aired Feb 20 2017Episode 3

A group of robbers kill a security guard who was a former police officer and who, before his death, used the APB app.

Aired Feb 13 2017Episode 2

When Gideon accompanies Murphy on a ride-along to see the impact of his reforms, they run into a pharmacy robbery that results in the injury of a child.

Aired Feb 6 2017Episode 1

A wealthy engineer funds technological upgrades for the Chicago Police Department.