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Bullocks To Stan

Aired: 9/11/05

When a colleague leaves for health reasons, Stan assumes he'll be promoted to the job. Meanwhile, Hayley takes Jeff out on a breakup hike. She complains that he agrees with her too much and doesn't challenge her. At home, Stan prepares for the CIA family carnival, figuring it's his chance to impress Director Bullock and secure his promotion.

At the carnival, Steve finds Dick Cheney's Blackberry. And Stan is talking to Bullock when Hayley approaches. Bullock and Hayley begin mocking each other's views, and Stan doesn't defend his daughter. Later, Steve and Roger begin playing with Cheney's Blackberry.

The next day, Stan visits Bullock at home, only to find Hayley there, wearing a robe and drinking coffee. She and Bullock hooked up. Hayley tells Stan that she likes how Bullock challenges her. Stan is about to explode, but Bullock says it's time to start discussing his promotion.

At the office, Stan quickly tires of hearing his colleagues discuss Bullock's new girlfriend. He's about to tell Bullock off, but the idea of the promotion again stops him short. Later that night, Francine yells at Stan for not telling Bullock off. She says if Stan doesn't say something, she will. Seeing Jeff on the front lawn pleading for Hayley back, Stan decides he'll turn Jeff into a man so he can get Hayley back from Bullock.

But the next morning, Bullock comes down for breakfast at Stan's house. Stan is about to kill Bullock, but Bullock says he's going to officially announce Stan's promotion today. But during the Congressional announcement, Hayley calls Bullock and dumps him for Jeff. Outside, Bullock tells Stan that if he kills Jeff, he'll give Stan the promotion.

Back at home, Stan orders Hayley to get back together with Bullock. She refuses, so Stan and Bullock take Jeff hunting. But mainly so they can kill him. When they offer to give Jeff a thirty second head start, Jeff jumps in Stan's car and drives off. He frantically calls Hayley and asks her to save him. Bullock and Stan catch up with Jeff at a diner, and Hayley rushes in at the same time. Bullock throws Jeff into a wall, and Hayley makes it clear that it's over with Bullock.

Bullock calls Hayley a slut and Stan and Bullock begin fighting. Stan gets the upper hand and is about to kill Bullock when Bullock claims that Stan passed the test. He says he staged the whole thing as an elaborate trial before promoting Stan. Hayley tells Stan not to believe it, but he's happy enough to get the promotion that he doesn't care.

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