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Homeland Insecurity

Homeland Insecurity

Aired: 6/12/05

After finding out a neighbor has been dead for six months, Francine worries that she's become out of touch with her friends. She wants to throw a party to reconnect with old friends, but knows that Stan running background checks and security clearances on everybody makes party guests uncomfortable. Feeling slightly shamed, Stan promises to ease up and be fun for Francine's party.

Stan and Francine pass out invitations throughout the neighborhood. Stan is doing fine until they come to the house of Bob and Linda Memari, folks of Iranian descent. Wanting his son to be prepared now that foreigners have invaded the neighborhood, Stan signs Steve up for the Scouts. But the Scout clubhouse turns out to be a front for a place where kids can drink, smoke and gamble.

The block party is underway. Stan has fully armed himself under his clothes. Stan is about to probe Bob Memari until he realizes that they'll both use any excuse they think of to avoid an annoying neighborhood. Stan and Bob bond over the deception. Elsewhere, Steve is taking his vows to join the dirty Scouts when he accidentally burns down a gazebo. His new friends love it. Back at the party, Stan sees the smoke from the gazebo in the distance and thinks the neighborhood is under attack. He starts firing into the air, ruining the party.

Francine yells at Stan for stopping her from making friends and Hayley yells at him for racially profiling the Memaris. So Stan tries to dig up evidence on them. But when he breaks into their house to swat a fly away from a security camera he set up, Stan is thrown in jail.

Steve's new Scout friends steal the tires of a parked car and roll them into traffic, causing an accident. They give Steve a tire to roll, but he balks. The Scouts question his loyalty. Now out of jail, Stan invites the Memaris over for brunch. But only a ruse so Stan can lock them up in a detention center he's built in the backyard. Upstairs, Steve tells Roger he's going to run away to avoid the Scouts.

Outside, Hayley has rallied the neighbors. They storm the house to free the Memaris. Meanwhile, Steve and Roger are heading out of town when the other Scouts see them. A bicycle chase ensues, with Steve and Roger crashes into a power station. When power to the neighborhood goes out, Stan thinks it's another attack. He locks the entire neighborhood in the backyard. And when the Scouts find out that Steve cut power to everybody, they ditch him for going too far.

Upset about the neighbors being locked up, Francine and Hayley save the day by turning it into a terrorist camp pool party. The police show up with a Stan Smith CIA sweatshirt that was found at the power station. Not knowing Roger was wearing it, Stan thinks he was brainwashed, so he takes himself into the shed and tortures himself for information. With everybody enjoying the sudden party, Francine thanks Stan for inadvertently working everything out.

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