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Threat Levels

Threat Levels

Aired: 5/1/05

The terror alert level is lowered to blue and Stan is rewarded with a half day off from work. But when he accidentally brings home a thermos of bio-hazardous material rather than his soup, the family is quarantined inside their home. A CIA expert tells the family they have 20 hours before their insides liquefy.

Hayley, who had been out helping the homeless, is given a biosuit to visit the family one last time. When she's inside, Steve rips her oxygen tube out, exposing her. She's stuck in the house as well. Roger begins measuring the house so he can redecorate after the Smiths die, since he's immune to human diseases.

The Smiths pass the time by watching the entire first season of 24 on DVD. The deadline comes and the Smiths survive. The virus was inert. After the scare, Francine, realizing that she hasn't done enough with her life, decides to become a real estate agent. Stan pulls some CIA strings and gets Francine the job.

But when Stan sees that Francine's first commission check is for more than he makes in a month, he isn't happy. Stan's co-workers say his manhood is at stake, making things worse. He and his CIA pals shut down Francine's real estate company.

Steve, meanwhile, is scheming a way to make money to buy a GameStation. He decides to film a Girls Gone Wild-style video in an empty house his mother has on the market. But it seems that Hayley has already turned it into a homeless shelter. So Steve changes his plan into a series of Bumfights-like videos.

Francine continues selling real estate, now out of her home. Stan orders her to quit, but she fights back. Upset, Stan takes a walk and comes across Steve and Hayley's homeless house. Stan decides to take control of the fighting so he can make more money than Francine. The cash begins to pour in until Hayley unionizes the fighters. To keep the ticket money, Stan is going to have to fight one of the bums himself.

The fight starts and Stan gets pummeled by a huge bum. Francine is showing the house to a prospective couple when they come across the fight. Francine jumps in to stop the fight and Stan takes the opportunity to drop the bum with a phantom punch. Steve and Hayley then tell Stan that they bet everything on Stan, then paid an actor to play a bum fighter and take a fall. Francine explains to Stan that they're equals and he shouldn't feel threatened by her job.

But in the end, news of a 20% interest hike comes in and every real estate agent in the country is put out of work. Stan then gives his team instructions to release Alan Greenspan's dog since Greenspan hiked interest rates.

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