Stan's wife, the sweet, Edith Bunker-esque Francine, has carefully hidden her party-girl personality for the sake of the conservative man she loves. But make no mistake - Francine's doting persona has its limits, and she's not afraid to put her man in his place.

Wendy Schaal has had a range of comedic and dramatic roles in both film and television. Her film credits include "Small Soldiers," opposite Kirsten Dunst and Denis Leary; and "The 'Burbs," opposite Tom Hanks. Among her other feature credits are "*batteries not included," "Out There," "My Girl 2," "Innerspace," "Creature," "Where the Boys Are" and "Bound for Glory."

Schaal's television credits include recurring roles on "Six Feet Under" and "After MASH." She was a series regular on "Good Grief," "Nearly Departed," "Fantasy Island" and "It's a Living." She guest-starred on "Boomtown," "Providence," "Boston Public," "Friends," "Northern Exposure," "Fatal Vision," "Murder, She Wrote," "The John Larroquette Show," "Star Trek: Voyager," "MacGyver," "The X-Files" and "The Huntress."

She lives in Los Angeles.