American Grit


Our Cadre know exactly how to keep their teams motivated through the competition! #AmericanGrit

Our competitors headed to The Circus with one goal in mind: DON'T. RING. OUT. #AmericanGrit

The remaining contestants learn that they will need to be mentally and physically prepared to dive right into their next mission at any point.

The competitors' strategic skills and teamwork are put to the test as they are challenged to cross a 60-yard field without their feet touching the ground.

We're so inspired by how you #ShowYourGrit! Send a photo or video now and keep the positivity going. #AmericanGrit

Do you think you have what it takes to #ShowYourGrit? #AmericanGrit

Season 1

Aired Jun 9 2016
Episode 10
Aired Jun 9 2016
Episode 9
Aired Jun 2 2016
Episode 8
Aired May 26 2016
Episode 7
Aired May 19 2016
Episode 6
Aired May 12 2016
Episode 5
Aired May 5 2016
Episode 4
Aired Apr 28 2016
Episode 3
Aired Apr 21 2016
Episode 2
Aired Apr 14 2016
Episode 1