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Aired Apr 17 2017Episode 12

The CTU is forced to rely on Carter as they send him out into the field to make sure that an important exchange happens without incident.

Aired Apr 10 2017Episode 11

Andy encounters potentially significant information about a high-ranking government official, which prompts Carter and Donovan to investigate

Aired Apr 3 2017Episode 10

Rebecca is forced to make an important decision after she receives a phone call that affects her personal and professional life.

Aired Mar 27 2017Episode 9

A threat causes CTU to go on lockdown; Carter encounters a tense situation; Donovan contacts Rebecca when he faces a major decision in his campaign.

Aired Mar 20 2017Episode 8

Mullins and CTU hone in on Carter's location while Andy is forced into a situation that he didn't want to be in.

Aired Mar 13 2017Episode 7

Carter turns to Andy for help, in order to get crucial evidence back in their possession.

Aired Mar 6 2017Episode 6

Using a lead, Carter and CTU narrow in on an enemy's location.

Aired Feb 27 2017Episode 5

Carter and Grimes try to make a deal with the leader of a smuggling ring in order to find out the location of the terrorists they've been searching for.

Aired Feb 20 2017Episode 4

Grimes comes to Carter with information that might lead them to the terrorists.

Aired Feb 13 2017Episode 3

After Carter escapes from the police precinct, he must put his trust in the CTU as he plans a meet up with Grimes to do the exchange

Aired Feb 6 2017Episode 2

Ben Grimes demands money in exchange for the list he seized from a safe box in Khalid’s compound, Carter must go back to his roots to help obtain the money

Aired Feb 5 2017Episode 1

A new team must work to uncover a sophisticated terrorist network in a race against the clock to stop a devastating terrorist attack on United States soil